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  • Participants play a critical role in furthering Parkinson’s disease research
  • Brain tissue analysis is an invaluable resource for researchers studying Parkinson’s disease
  • The Health and Information Translational Sciences Building, Indiana University
  • The Center for Clinical Sciences Research Building, Stanford University
Welcome to the Pathology Core of the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI). Here you will find information on the PPMI brain donation program. Post-mortem (after-death) brain tissue donation is an invaluable way for PPMI participants to continue contributing to Parkinson’s disease research.   

The Pathology Core is a collaboration between Indiana University and Stanford University. PPMI is sponsored by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Brain tissue analysis is pivotal to understanding Parkinson’s disease and developing new therapies, but researchers have limited access to this type of tissue.In addition to providing this resource, by making a brain tissue donation, you will grow the value of the data and biosamples you are contributing to PPMI. Drawing connections between what has happened in the brain and how the disease presents during life can help scientists develop tests and treatments for Parkinson’s.

As with all PPMI data and samples, donated brain tissue will be available to approved researchers investigating Parkinson’s disease.

Additionally, we will provide a summary of a brain tissue evaluation by a neuropathologist at Stanford University to your designated family members.

Pathology Core staff can speak with interested PPMI participants and their families about the brain tissue donation process, and, for those who wish to proceed, coordinate planning for the donation. Contact our team at Indiana University by emailing or by calling 844-280-0036.

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